2022.12.01 mirror 訊】Lesquin, 1st December 2022 - NACON KT Racing 工作室在此向所有玩家們宣佈,WRC Generations, FIA World Rally Championship官方授權的電玩遊戲,現己於店家全面推出Nintendo Switch™。數位版本預計在12月左右上架推行。

KT Racing 己在Nintendo Switch™上發佈最新版的WRC Generations, Switch玩家們可一同加入令人印象深刻的拉力賽事遊戲內容。League mode 聯賽模式是遊戲的主要新特色,遊戲中有個永久的排名系統,玩家們可以透過每日和每週挑戰賽與自己的賽車技能相當的玩家進行一對一或是與好友組隊競賽。這次更加入hybrid cars混合油電動力車增添更具戰略式的新玩法,讓玩家在競速特殊賽道時需管理動力調節,The livery catalogue塗裝目錄,讓玩家可以與其他玩家及社群分享自己的創意塗裝及貼圖。最後,team creation,團隊創建,玩家可以接受挑戰並在各團隊中競行排行榜競賽。

基於家機平台的特殊性,Nintendo Switch™ 任天堂Switch玩家將會有個獨立的排行榜,反之即是跨平台競賽排行榜的功能保留 PlayStation®4PlayStation®5Xbox OneXbox Series PC 版本。

WRC Generations 驚人數字:

遊戲賽道多達 22 個國家

多達50 車隊聯賽

165 個特殊賽道等你體驗

• 可駕駛 37 傳奇車,包獎勵車

長達 750 公里駕駛

WRC Generations 是該系列迄今為止最全方位的作品,現己可在 PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC Nintendo Switch各平台上遊玩。

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NACON is a company of the BIGBEN Group founded in 2019 to optimize its know-how through strong synergies in the video game market. By bringing together its 16 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, the design and distribution of premium gaming devices, NACON focuses 30 years of expertise at the service of players. This new unified business unit strengthens NACON's position in the market and enables it to innovate by creating new unique competitive advantages. https://corporate.nacongaming.com/

About Kylotonn

Created in 2006, Kylotonn is one the most important French video game development studios, also known under KT Racing label. Specialized in motorsports and official developer of the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series and Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the company is internationally recognized for its know-how and for the passion of its teams. With more than 170 employees as of today in Paris and Lyon, Kylotonn has developed more than 30 titles distributed by major publishers. Kylotonn has forged itself a strong technological expertise thanks to the real-time 3D engine KT Engine that the company owns. At the forefront of the video game industry, this technology is also used within R&D partnerships on autonomous vehicle projects in the automotive industry. Since 2018, NACON, one of Europe's leading video game publishers, holds a 100% stake in the company. Kylotonn is member of the French National Developers Federation (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo) and Capital Games. The company is supported by BPI, IFCIC and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. For more information, visit www.kylotonn.com.

About WRC Promoter GmbH

WRC Promoter GmbH is responsible for all commercial aspects of the FIA World and FIA European Rally Championships, including TV production and the marketing of global media and sponsorship rights. It also has responsibility to increase competitor numbers and to propose the venues that form the WRC and ERC calendars. WRC Promoter is the umbrella body for Rallycross Promoter GmbH, which is responsible for all commercial aspects of the FIA World and FIA European Rallycross Championships.

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is the FIA’s premium rally series. It showcases high-performance hybrid-powered cars and the world’s best drivers competing in dramatic surroundings, ranging from Sweden’s freezing winter to Kenya’s heat and rocky tracks. Participants battle for drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles at 13 rallies. More information can be found at www.wrc.com.